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Stone & Grading

Tar and chip is a low cost alternative to offer a more solid surface than plain gravel. It consists of a liquid form of asphalt and small stone chips. This process is completed when your driveway or lane is sprayed with the liquid asphalt and then small gravel chips are added. The two are then bonded together by compaction.

Sealcoating is an application applied to protect your existing driveway. We offer oil based sealer or emulsion sealer (water based. Oil based sealer is applied by a high power spray that soaks into your driveway. Emulsion sealer can be applied by brush or spray. Unlike the oil base, the water based sealer is a protectant that sits on top of your driveway.

Asphalt Millings are the Eco-friendly alternative to your paving needs. Millings are recycled asphalt that is crushed to gravel. The process is similar to laying an asphalt driveway. Your driveway or laneway is first graded, then the millings are applied through a paver just like hot asphalt would be. Once laid by machine the millings are then rolled for compaction. Asphalt millings will harden over time.


Great for patios, sidewalks, small retaining walls, and other outdoor spaces, concrete pavers withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic. 

Asphalt Millings

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Stone is economical and offers good freeze/thaw resistance. And when stone or gravel compacts or scatters, adding a fill coat of pea gravel, called redressing, is easy.

Residential & Commercial Paving Services

Over time, driveways begin showing their age; cracks, heaving, spalling and other signs of wear. In many instances,  paved surfaces can be renewed, while some will have to be replaced.


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